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How To Sell A Car That’s Been Damaged In An Accident

Nothing is worse than a car that’s been in an accident. Australian car buyers are very picky. They won’t buy a car with as much as a blemish on it. A used car dealer can tell if a car’s been in an accident within a few minutes of inspecting it. So, if your car has been in an accident, there is no point in trying to sell it to a dealer. They simply won’t buy it as rules and regulations govern what they can sell or re-sell.

For Accident Damaged Cars, A Cash For Cars Dealer Is Your Best Bet

Cash for Cars dealers buy cars no-one else will. Your car may be damaged, roadworthy or not. It doesn’t matter. Cash for Cars Dealer (WA Metals and Cash For Cars Perth is one) will always be willing to give you cash for it. The biggest benefit of selling to a Cash for Cars business is that you get many additional services, such as Free Car Removals, Free paperwork, Instant car valuations over the phone and same day car sales.cash for accident car

A Small Business, Not A Big One

As a Cash for Car dealer, we work hard – and we work fast. With a few dedicated mechanics and staff, we operate 254X7 X 365 – even Christmas Day and New Year’s Eve.
Always happy to work around you, we will quote on your car over the phone and will pay cash on pick up- the same day itself. If your car is not driveable, no worries. Since we offer Free Car Removals, you can simply call us to get a quote and sell your car and we’ll come to your location to tow away the vehicle.

Time Is Money, Few Understand That Better Than We Do

We are reliable and we are punctual. When we say we’ll be at your place at 7 a.m., we’ll make sure we are on time. We offer Free Towing at off-peak hours as well. Before 7 a.m. and after 7 p.m. – if you’re a professional and you work full-time in the city.

The Process of Sale: SIMPLE

You call and ask us for a quote – the number is 0423 772 606
We ask you a few simple questions about your car – brand, make, model, condition and make you an offer.
You accept the offer, we send a team over to collect the car and make the payment.
The entire process is complete in a day.

Are You Located In Perth, With A Car You Want To Sell For Cash?

Do give us a call at WA Metals and Cash For Cars Perth. We can be reached at 0423 772 606