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Get Up To $9999 For Old Car Removals in Perth

Do you have an old car lying around that you no longer need? Why not turn it into money? The WA Metals and Cash For Cars Perth offers a free pick-up and old car removals service throughout the Perth region. For your unwanted vehicle, we provide fair prices.

We accept all vehicle makes and types at WA Metals and Cash For Cars Perth and ensure you get a fair payment for your used car. It’s easy to remove an old car with us. Our staff will arrange a time to take up your vehicle at a time that suits you as soon as you get in touch with us. When it’s time to remove the car from your premises, we will immediately pay the agreed-upon sum.

Old Car Removals

If you are in the Perth location, we will buy your used automobile from you and tow it away from your property without charging you anything more. With WA Metals and Cash For Cars Perth, you won’t need to worry about arranging a tow or transporting your car to us. Outside of the Perth region, our team of experts is also accessible to provide prompt and practical old automobile removal services.

Professional Old Car Removals At Your Service

Attempting to remove your old car could be challenging or even dangerous, depending on its condition. Due to the fact that our team has received extensive training to remove automobiles of all shapes and sizes securely in a variety of situations, we can quickly load your car and remove it from your life.

Our transport equipment, which is perfect for vehicles of all sizes, can easily handle any car, truck, ute, van, or other vehicle you may have. We come directly to you and offer free removal services around Perth, so you never have to worry about getting stranded.

Old Car Collection on the Same Day? When You Decide to Sell Your Truck, That’s Just the Beginning

Numerous drivers will tell you that Sell Your Truck is your first and only option if you’re looking for Perth’s fastest vehicle collection service. Call WA Metals and Cash For Cars Perth and let us know when and where, and we’ll arrive at the location of your Old Car promptly. We will have completed the necessary legal steps to purchase your automobile from you in less than 30 minutes, paid you Instant Cash for old car on the spot, and will then tow your Old Car away with one of our cutting-edge tow trucks. WA Metals and Cash For Cars Perth accept a range of vehicles in addition to cars, such as:

  • Trucks
  • Vans
  • Bobcats
  • Forklifts
  • Buses
  • Minivans
  • Scooters
  • Motorbikes
  • Minibuses
  • Boats
  • Salvage Automobiles
  • And a Lot More

Our Old Car Removals Company

You can count on WA Metals and Cash For Cars Perth to be there when you need your old car removed from any location in the Perth area. We plan round-the-clock car removals at convenient times for our clients because our car removal professionals are available 24/7. Selling your old car and making arrangements for its removal have never been simpler. We will give you an estimate in approximately minutes, and we will buy and remove the old vehicle in around an hour. Your concerns about what to do with your old car are resolved in less than an hour, and you are counting the Cash for old car Up to $9999 in cash.

Perth Old Car Removal For Free

WA Metals and Cash For Cars Perth purchases old vehicles in scrap condition as well as those with sentimental value but no monetary value. We are your neighbourhood auto removal experts, and we make it simple to get rid of your old car while also giving you the benefit of getting paid well for it.

Who Are We?

Welcome to WA Metals and Cash For Cars Perth, where we specialize in getting rid of old cars of all kinds! If you need an old automobile removed that you no longer want, we can help. Contact us via phone at 0423 772 606 or through the online forms on our website.


For automobiles, utes, vans, jeeps, and trucks as well, we provide great on-the-spot cash payments. WA Metals and Cash For Cars Perth buy various kinds of cars, in contrast to other car buyers who only collect particular makes or models.


We will buy vehicles in any condition because we are firmly committed to recycling. WA Metals and Cash For Cars Perth buy all types of vehicles, whether they are old, new, operating or not, wrecked or damaged.

  • 100% LICENSED

We operate in accordance with EPA regulations and are authorised motor vehicle dealer.

WA Metals and Cash For Cars Perth Know the Value of Old Cars as Perth’s Top Car Dismantlers

We guarantees to buy any car you’d like us to pick up. You see, we buy cars so that we may reuse and recycle the high-quality auto parts and scrap metals in them. The process of testing, refurbishing, and recycling your car’s valuable parts after it has been disassembled will help future drivers who want to fix their car themselves rather than having to buy a brand-new one from a factory.

We adore old automobiles that we can wreck and recycle here at the Wrecking Pros, WA Metals and Cash For Cars in Perth. If you wish to let go of your car in an eco-friendly way and feel good about it, just give us a call.

Get a price online for Old car removals, or call Sell Your Truck Perth at  0423 772 606 right away.